Hi  I'm Stephen Correia ( pronounced - 'Korea' just like the country )

I am a UX I Designer, a husband, proud father
and a screen print enthusiast.

For the best part of a decade now I have been designing as a profession. I started out as print designer, however I quickly got hooked by the world wide web and its potential to influence users. I discovered UX and never looked back! 

I'm currently a Lead UX designer at Ryanair, during the past two years I have been working on new platform called Ryanair 3.0 my Lead role involves shaping and creating the new 3.0 experience and supporting the wider designer team involved in the project.

Prior to my time at Ryanair I was working at Flo Web Design for (5 Years). During this time, myself  and the team had the pleasure working with many clients such as Des Kelly, Accuris Networks and Gaiety Theatre to name a few. 

My role at Flo Web Design was UX / UI Designer. This position allowed me to carry out quantitative and qualitative research to established business goals and user needs and deliver mutiple design outputs and documentation.

If you would like to know more about how I work and my methods please view my Process Page


“...user experience is what it feels like to
use a product, system or service...”

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