When you're inspired to do great things,
great things usually happen.

Inspiration comes in many forms, sometimes its visual, sometimes its written words, other times it can be internal. What I have noticed about inspiration is that it very rarely comes to you when you force it.

I have sat at my desk and looked at sites like Dribbble waiting to be inspired however its never really worked.
(more likely to be tempted to plagiarize from this method)

Inspiration comes to me while I’m working on something. I could be working on a project and suddenly something from a book or an image I have seen in the past pops into my head and it inspires me to explore a different path in my work or a new method. To me that’s inspiration! However the trigger for this inspiration is to start the project or the task in question and the inspiration will follow.

Books that have influenced my work

  • Don’t make me think
  • Rocket surgery made easy
  • Undercover user experience design
  • Storytelling for user experience
  • 100 Things every designer needs to know about people
  • Design of everyday things
  • IDEO-human-centered-design-toolkit
  • The elements of user experience
  • Usable usability
  • Hooked: How to build habit-forming products

People who inspire me

  • Don Norman - Computer science researcher / Author
  • Jakob Nielsen - Usability consultant / Author
  • Jared Spool - Writer
  • Steve Jobs - Entrepreneur
  • Alan Cooper - Software programmer / Author
  • Alan Watts - Philosopher
  • Steve Krug - Information Architect / Author
  • Eric Meyer - Author
  • David Bowie - Singer-songwriter
  • Tobias Van Schneider - Multi-disciplinary designer
  • Stefan Sagmeister - Art director