My process is based around my ability to switch between analytical and creative thinking

My Approach is a simple one. I use UX methods to find out what the business goals and the users needs are. Once I have these established my role is to find solutions that meets both the goals and needs.

Sounds too simple? Well that’s the short version....

The full version involves me carrying out interviewsverifying assumptions and doing some user testing. After this discovery phase we normally have a set of defined problems that we can work on solving. Next comes the design thinking part. During this phase, I work with my team to think of solutions to the problems that matches the mental model of our users.

Once a solution has been sounded out, we build and test prototypes. While testing, we gather feedback and make sure the solution is perceivable and predictable to users, so they know what they can do and what they are being asked to do.

After this feedback we proceed to build and repeat the testing & feedback until ready to launch. Before launch all the usual testing takes place. Once live we gather more feedback and start the process over again!

Still sounds easy? Here is the tricky part... completing this all within the timeframe and budget that was in the initial scope of the project! 

Methods I use

  • Heuristic evaluations & benchmarking
  • Need finding interviews
  • Usability test
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Personas & empathy maps
  • Story boarding & user journey maps
  • Site flows & wireframes
  • UI style guides & prototypes


Hardware and Software

  • Paper & Pencil (Nothing quicker)
  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Balsamiq (Wireframes, site flows)
  • InVision (Prototypes)
  • Axure (Wireframes, site flows & prototypes)
  • Marvel (Prototypes )
  • Principal (Interactions / animations)
  • After Effects  (Interactions / animations)
  • HTML & CSS