The Brief

Atlantic Golf Construction (AGC) approached Flo Web Design with a mission statement “we want to let potential clients know we construct the best golf courses in Ireland.” Their current site at the time did not help with this statement so a complete redesign was needed.

The Process

I began by interviewing the main stakeholders and asking them what this statement meant to them and how would they would know when the statement was met? We also discussed how the end users fitted into the project and what goals they would have. We decided to do a little more research into this and found that both parties shared similar goals.

Users wanted to see if AGC could carry out the work they required (Services) to the standard they required - AGC wanted to showcase what they can do and how they do it.
AGC wanted to show the past work they have carried out and who they have worked with – Users wanted to see if AGC had worked on similar project to theirs.

Once this was agreed upon we started into content strategy, where we discovered that the users didn’t have the same knowledge about ground works as AGC had. We decided that the written content would be short and to the point. The pictures of projects and course features would do the talking. With this in mind we did up wireframes followed by UI designs and gathered feedback. We also focused on micro interaction such as scrolling effects and hover effects as we wanted the site to delight users.