The Brief

Copper and Spices had decided that a new site was a must. They hired Flo Web Design to undertake the project. They had a couple of different websites in the past, however none of them had been successful. They always felt the sites didn’t do the food justice. The new website needed to meet Copper and Spices high standards.

The Process

We set up user interviews to find out what influenced them in choosing a restaurant.  Word of mouth, social media reviews, menus and images were the reasons that kept popping up. We created user journey maps to see what the users pain points were.

Copper and Spices already had a good social media presence and reviews, as well as a good local reputation, so it was the menus and images that needed to be addressed.

We started with a new page plan that featured pages for menus and local produces. We established a tone for the content and began working on wireframes. Once we had the images we began building up UI layouts that focused on large images, showcasing the food in the background.

As for the menus we discovered that the old menu featured the early bird, the set menu, the a la carte and drinks menu. It was confusing for users. We decided to split into separate menus, allowing the user to view the menu that met their needs.

The Result

Overall the site has had terrific feedback. The owners are proud of the site. It has given them a new platform to highlight the quality of the food and the dining experience they offer. Since its lauch I have also had friends and family recommend the restaurant to me, unware that I worked on the project. Commets like " have you tried Copper and Spices? you should check out the website the food looks amazing "