The Brief

Munster Cattle AI / Munster Cattle breeding group came to Flo Web Design with a problem. Their users weren’t able to navigate or find the relevant information related to their products. We set out to find if this was correct and why?

The Process

We began by looking at the analytics of the site and true enough the details pages weren’t getting the hits they should have. After talking to the sales team we found out they would get calls from customers and users asking about the product. However all this information was on the site. We quickly learnt that the users were so used to seeing the product details and data presented to them in a print format they were having problems viewing it in web layout. We validated this assumption by doing some testing.

We went about redesigning the new layout in line with the print catalogues that most users relied on. Munster Cattle also wanted to get users coming back to the site again and again, so we introduced value to the site from the users perspective in the form of helpful articles and also a calving calculator.

The Result

Since its launch the site's product listing and detail pages has had a lot more traffic. The viewing option of the product listing in either a data table ( print format  ) or bull format ( web ) has been successful.